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  1. @estizzeled @smonme @KREPTiiK_ @VGVanguards Congrats dude. You are smashing it keep it going

  2. RT @Qyndra_: Thanks everyone for the amazing support today 💙
    I really missed you guys when i couldn't stream at the lan party.
    Special than…

  3. Nathan Drake is back! Near the end of Uncharted 2 on crushing difficulty so come join me https://t.co/71P44JDvRc al… https://t.co/CvoJkTL490

  4. I've just gone live! Come join me and hang out in chat https://t.co/n2sihlNSki

  5. My week on Twitter 🎉: 14 Mentions, 1.26K Mention Reach, 46 Likes, 16 Retweets, 58K Retweet Reach. See yours with… https://t.co/yP1UKBDnvk

  6. Our biggest fans this week: @TheAngryToads, @Kallistisbough, @Jimmy_the_Newb. Thank you! via https://t.co/vh7qdYfT72 https://t.co/OFrHhZfF3P

  7. People are saying United need to spend big in the summer, then if we spend big we get slated for how much we’ve spe… https://t.co/kb7UygJ91Y

  8. My week on Twitter 🎉: 13 Mentions, 1.26K Mention Reach, 36 Likes, 11 Retweets, 41.5K Retweet Reach. See yours with… https://t.co/TAKmuUgKoq

  9. Felt good to be streaming again with my whole new set up etc. 15 peak viewers too! Thanks to @TheAngryToads for the… https://t.co/3vV0uzBQ2b

  10. I've just gone live! Come join me and hang out in chat https://t.co/lpkXJEvqwN

  11. Elmo Streaming TWO days in a row?! WHAAAATT!!! Going live at 9pm UK time with some more Uncharted 2, come join in t… https://t.co/74KlEjVSCj

  12. 🔥🔥 VGV Community Game Night (EU Edition) 🔥🔥 (hosted by your friendly neighborhood SpiderMwa!!)… https://t.co/pT01lIp5pk

  13. Download FREE Voicemod: the best Voice Changer & Soundboard for #Gaming and #Streaming

    🤪🎮📣🎛️: Troll Like a PRO! ->… https://t.co/8gIcpfscuG

  14. RT @VGVanguards: It must be that time again for a community game night! We are LIVE playing Jackbox Party Pack games with your host @Spider…

  15. I've just gone live! Come join me and hang out in chat https://t.co/y94ex1sYrd

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