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  1. 2019 ... the year of #GameOfThrones, #AvengersEndGame, #TwitchEU, #Brexit, #ResidentEvil2Remake, #Cyberpunk2077… https://t.co/5afryIeFVj

  2. WARNING: This is NOT a normal @Twitch stream. All the top streamers think they’ve got it good but what they can’t s… https://t.co/aQImlwNWFZ

  3. Wait what? Since when was I doing Sketch writing classes???? https://t.co/1OLkF25zZL

  4. If Brett’s streams was a TV show … this would be the teaser trailer.

    Dr B1L’s Mindfuck - CloneKorp

    Season 1 comin… https://t.co/dKjiFCr3sc

  5. You have 3 minutes to join and see this epic intro. And stop for the rest of the stream obviously! This ain't no co… https://t.co/EfBcLIDTCD

  6. RT @CloneKorp: Seriously can’t wait to show you all the new intro video I have made for the stream! Be sure not to miss out! I’ll be live i…

  7. @KEEMSTAR Just this comment right there means you are wrong

  8. @SethDavidMusic First Arsenal and now Chelsea .. you know we’ll draw Man City next.

  9. My week on Twitter 🎉: 15 Mentions, 28 Likes, 1 Retweet, 21 Retweet Reach, 6 New Followers. See yours with… https://t.co/k1XRTVmRZn

  10. Our biggest fans this week: @PurpleSporzo. Thank you! via https://t.co/vh7qdYfT72 https://t.co/GLbdztlLHp

  11. RT @kyleh123: great stream tonight , just fell short of gold 1 but overall I enjoyed it , thankyou to @Elmomcd and @PresidentTuna for getti…

  12. @Troublev02 Wish I was him right now

  13. My week on Twitter 🎉: 13 Mentions, 28 Likes, 1 Retweet, 20 Retweet Reach, 5 New Followers, 9 Replies. See yours wit… https://t.co/XfEOIqGOPT

  14. RT @KREPTiiK_: If you watch/follow my Streams please take a second to pick what to stream next. I have an idea of what I want to play but t…

  15. @Gamertv24x7 @AskPlayStation I have an Xbone and tbh … it gets turned on once a week to play GTA V online with friends and that’s it.


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