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  1. When #superseducer2 straight up parodies @ITCrowdSupport iconic first ever scene! who did it better? Denholm Reynho…

  2. @TheHellzGates Perfect timing 🤩

  3. RT @TheHellzGates: It wasn’t posted anywhere that I’m aware of, but affiliates now have 2 tier 1 emotes.

  4. @CloneKorp: Episode 2
    Meet "B"

  5. Episode 2 incoming

  6. CloneKorp Will Resume Live Entertainment Broadcast in 30 minutes. Thank you.

  7. RT @Elmomcd: 2019 ... the year of #GameOfThrones, #AvengersEndGame, #TwitchEU, #Brexit, #ResidentEvil2Remake, #Cyberpunk2077 #StarWarsIX an…

  8. RT @Strykur__: So why are you guys just here doing nothing? This man is dancing with shoes on his fucking hands and y'all are sitting there…

  9. CloneKorp Episode 1.

    Apex Friends.

  10. We. Are. Live.

  11. CloneKorp is happy to announce the first episode of our mini series which will play at the beginning of a randomly…

  12. RT @Strykur__: Are you bored? Then why the fuck are you not here go watch this boy @CloneKorp do... Whatever it is…

  13. Looks like upper management liked the stream tonight! thanks everyone ;) <3 passed the torch over to @PrismaticHub_…

  14. RT @Elmomcd: If Brett’s streams was a TV show … this would be the teaser trailer.

    Dr B1L’s Mindfuck - CloneKorp

    Season 1 coming SOON! htt…

  15. RT @NatellaOnToast: 😱😱😱😱

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