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  1. @trillajbeats @nenglin1822 @Wendys Unlike my dad, big ouch

  2. @FaZeClan My family disowned me

  3. @ItzTangy @Frogo8_ @Adrianbylat @KurtHulick @TrueArcticWolf @ItsEvO_YT @kfcgaming Go for an SSD, it’s better in the… https://t.co/ig8BDEntT8

  4. @Montgomery_Dev @u_h_h_h_h_h_h_h https://t.co/jb9bxHwGcy

  5. @Adrianbylat @KurtHulick @TrueArcticWolf @ItsEvO_YT @kfcgaming PC is the best tho don’t lie

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  7. @Montgomery_Dev Whalenos

  8. RT @Schwarzenegger: Thanks for your concerns, but there is nothing to worry about. I thought I was just jostled by the crowd, which happens…

  9. RT @KEEMSTAR: Apparently in South Africa they believe the Terminator is real! Arnold Schwarzenegger got DROP KICKED! https://t.co/QJaUNG0wVl

  10. RT @satherax: This was a classic needed to be brought back https://t.co/RI8cvJGB2n

  11. @BrandonMetcalf_ @splungekik Nope, I’m pretty sure the Khvostov from Destiny is the most badass.

  12. @Macho_AF The food fought back huh?

  13. @Macho_AF How

  14. @Montgomery_Dev https://t.co/lYBVjHAAg4

  15. RT @HotGamerSex: https://t.co/KgsJkORSbB

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