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  1. This episode I play Lego Racers!
  2. Sit back, relax and unwind as we do some exploration throughout the galaxy whilst talking about the week in gaming.
  3. The only good Orc is a dead Orc!
  4. Right, stop messing around Harlan and advance the main quests..
  5. Hey Ember! This monthly I'm launching the HarlanTV monthly giveaway. For February I have a Steel Series gaming mouse pad to give away, all for just chilling in my streams. For more info head to my stream (below) and type !giveaway Peace x
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    HarlanTV Streams: No Man's Sky

    Join me for a chilled sunday exploration and chat about the weeks gaming news!
  7. Po-Ta-Toes - Boil em, Mash em, Put em in a stew!
  8. Time for a new single player game to complete, so I'm heading to Middle Earth to try Shadow of War!
  9. harlantv

    HarlanTV Streams: Ring of Elysium

    Will do!
  10. harlantv

    HarlanTV Streams: Spec Ops: The Line

    Join me as I continue to figure out if I'm the bad guy in Spec Ops: The Line!
  11. harlantv

    HarlanTV Streams: Elder Scrolls Online

    Stabby stabby dungeon action!
  12. harlantv

    HarlanTV Streams: Ring of Elysium

    Time to try my hand in Ring of Elysium! If other battle royale games are anything to go by.. I'm gonna suck!
  13. It's coming to Switch. Anyone played it? Apparently it's awesome.
  14. harlantv

    Game data features

    D'oh! Sorry!
  15. So I've been teaching myself AfterEffect and PremierePro... and made this!
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