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  1. @BehroozRezvani @Razer @CORSAIR Yeah the panel distance was cool but much preferred the feel and weight of the Trin… https://t.co/oayHfnfFLQ

  2. @BehroozRezvani @Razer @CORSAIR Yeah I was choosing between those two and went with the Naga. Very happy with it th… https://t.co/KpIGVZfk7q

  3. @ZoltonCxZ Awh I remember those, what a magnificent sound. I guess we're just falling apart, life is coming for us.

  4. @ZoltonCxZ Ah that's good, can't be having a functional neck.

  5. @Zangames None of them are central so I would have thought the strain evens out. I could swap em around so the game… https://t.co/nPq2DMAh2I

  6. @Ithnann3 @BraidedZero @NoxDiemGaming It's funny cause I made a sandbox which is far more efficient so now going ba… https://t.co/R9cW7jdqUV

  7. @Zangames Left side so yeah it would affect that muscle. I didn't think I was turning so much to make that happen b… https://t.co/R1mS19es70

  8. Got a question for my fellow streamers. Have you ever had what feels like muscle strain in the right side of your n… https://t.co/xfE5tRhk07

  9. Good Afternoon good people of the empire! Today is a glorious day for we are returning to… https://t.co/6noRdLgSaT

  10. @E_Universalis I don't believe my eyes, it's... beautiful. It's everything I've ever wanted. @Zangames

  11. @Zangames Speaking of those clips, this one perfectly captures the dangers of playing with Zan.


  12. Well it's been a pretty productive weekend so far! Got a great #ck2 stream done yesterday with @Zangames which now… https://t.co/WX6aaLUH5Y

  13. @Zangames I'm hoping so! I've thrown up 9 highlights so far if any of the good people would like to see some of the… https://t.co/qDjcyJscbw

  14. @Amadeus_Hopkins @axlreznor @JohnBoyega Battlefront 2 will help there.

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