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  1. Ah rip Stug IV. Thought the event was still on the 21st, but apparently it's over. Well I'm going for the Archer for sure, what a tank. #BFV

  2. @TwistyShape I need to try this too, haha, I also got this recently from something. Think Ubi gave it away for a we… https://t.co/202CqnY9E6

  3. @miracleofsound I often pick up on rhymes after a few listens, when I realised on this a while back it made it even… https://t.co/Zs2qHSKHUY

  4. @TwistyShape Ik you're likely full but yeah I got it off Humble so I was thinking of playing it too at some point.

  5. Alrighty then it's time to go live with a shorter stream tonight. I'm feeling some #BFV plus I'd love to earn that… https://t.co/Zckozs1LCt

  6. @Ember_GN Our silly boys Noah (left) and Jango (right) after a long day of doing parkour off doors and attacking sh… https://t.co/lNEWsWtjAe

  7. @PlayApex @TwistyShape It's been out 2 weeks, what is wrong with people. New maps DURR the game will die otherwise.… https://t.co/GkkJCANNkA

  8. It's time people, to return to the realm of #twitch and plaay some #apexlegends with the Mrs. I'll switch it up to… https://t.co/YSqHPIJFXT

  9. RT @wartopsy: 📣 ANNOUNCEMENT 📣

    Going #LIVE at 5:15pm GMT with more FFX HD Remaster as we continue our Final Fantasy Journey™ over at:


  10. @ThePredatorLive @OfficialDLive I mostly stayed with Twitch because I can't throw away the effort I've put in there… https://t.co/1IOHAO1YeX

  11. @ThePredatorLive @OfficialDLive I'd need to stream for weeks on there at least to get a good picture. It is a very… https://t.co/ojQTLKOF57

  12. @TwistyShape My God is there anything good that won't get cancelled these days, what is going on?

  13. RT @wartopsy: 📣 ANNOUNCEMENT 📣

    I just smacked that #Live button over on https://t.co/AUfFb0HtZa!

    Playing some #FFX and continuing our Fin…

  14. @TwistyShape That's a shame man, I'm always concerned something like this will come with new releases as most seem… https://t.co/5348v4hgEh

  15. I'm live with more #anno2070. As mentioned earlier I'm starting again as Global Trust because they're reasonable pe… https://t.co/DeqPUdCFnm