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Jas/ 26/ Crazy Gamer Cat Lady in the making 🐱🐈🐱

  1. Happy Earth Day! Are you doing anything to help save our planet? Even the tiniest steps can lead toward a differenc… https://t.co/qfO4NFgLE0

  2. RT @amandaasette: Instead of being a “not all men” type of guy, be THIS type of guy. Be an ally to women, if you see us visibly uncomfortab…

  3. @Cranbersher Where are these from and can I get them in the UK?!

  4. @KodyReeder25 @SirenMika Aah I'm not alone 😂

  5. @Jack_Septic_Eye @Xbox Achievement unlocked and the only person who's shown genuine interest in the cats protection… https://t.co/s6H2RkUgyL

  6. No-one should have to feel this way. Never. https://t.co/2fwu0K4EHd

  7. RT @Charliecondou: 6 million of you voted to revoke article 50. Let’s see if retweeing this is just as important to you https://t.co/HmQAZZ…

  8. @SepticHeartEyes Reminds me of Davros from Doctor Who 😂

  9. @Jack_Septic_Eye is doing his amazing work once again! Livestream for #CharityWater right now on YT. Buy merch, don… https://t.co/Z5yANbItYe

  10. https://t.co/uA1qqZuNXQ

  11. RT @TheNewEuropean: If you can't make the #PeoplesVoteMarch today make sure you sign this petition and give it a share. https://t.co/lhLaih…

  12. RT @WeAreTiltify: [email protected]_Septic_Eye is leading the charge as @charitywater's Weekend For Water, in honor of World Water Day, splashes in to…

  13. @SkyNews @James_Phelps @TommTorture

  14. My murderer is @OJessicaNigri
    Don't think I'd mind that 😂 at least the last thing I'd see is drop dead gorgeous 😂 https://t.co/F9rEGe6Ztz

  15. RT @brendonisdead: me having an existential crisis in the shower when i should’ve gotten out 35 minutes ago https://t.co/hMrwFSv7Vi

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