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  1. RT @birdbutterer: Please sign my petition to rename giving birth “going number 3”

  2. RT @NHSMillion: We agree with this 100% and can’t believe it is still going on

    Please RT if you think it should change ASAP https://t.co/R…

  3. RT @matthaig1: Amazing the amount of people who think 52 per cent is a conclusive Brexit result but won’t accept the 98 per cent of scienti…

  4. @CrankGameplays Arin and Jack

  5. It's taken a long time thanks to boring stuff like work getting in the way, but I've finally watched ALL EPISODES o… https://t.co/ZcbDG1CK2M

  6. RT @SJSchauer: Anti-vaxxers really are dumb as fuck. “Vaccines give your kids autism.” In no world is autism “worse” than measles, cholera,…

  7. @jumblejim 😳 the fuck?

  8. @mattstaggs Capture all your legs and shuffle you in butt first??

  9. @mattstaggs Capture all your legs and shuffle you in butt first??

  10. Whereas in the UK you get it for free. Because you can claim a medical exemption certificate, due to the fact it's… https://t.co/Fo43X80eg6

  11. RT @jameelajamil: This is so important. Come on Twitter. Make some noise. Let’s get these nonsense teas and shakes that only help you lose…

  12. @PicturesFoIder @TommTorture

  13. RT @jarpad: If someone in your life is working through mental illness, be kind. Be gentle. Be present. Knowing you are not alone and that y…

  14. RT @veron4ica: Instead of retweeting a photo taken without consent of a woman using a blindness cane and a phone, why not retweet this thre…

  15. RT @emrazz: On Wednesday, a 21 y/o white man made 5 women lay down on the floor of a bank and shot them execution style.

    Today, a 21 y/o w…

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