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  1. RT @tmayhart: Say hi to ted
    People don’t say hi to ted on a walk
    They pull their dogs out the way
    Ted is a good boy
    Ted deserves some lo…

  2. RT @EmperorLemon: YouTube: Has Pedos in the comments of some videos

    Media: 📢📣📢📢📣😡😡☢️☢️💢🚫❌🚫❗⚠️⚠️🛑🛑🚧💥💥💥💥

    Tik Tok: Has videos tricking chil…

  3. RT @elonmusk: Sew one button, doesn't make u a tailor; cook one meal, doesn't make u a chef; but f* one horse and u r a horsef*er for all o…

  4. RT @Sangheilicore: There's nothing "meme" about Heresy. It's not "Netflix and chill" to question our prophets. Fidget spin back to Regret's…

  5. RT @Holobrine: @WorldAndScience Added some rectangles so it's easier to tell what we're looking at https://t.co/d3GSTG88iQ

  6. WE NEED THIS https://t.co/KFAWJ6Nz0e

  7. @MattyMcDee Great trailer ngl, but... Believe got you beat there my friend.


  8. RT @HuNteR_Jjx: New controller must really be the key...
    https://t.co/JBZh8y9cBF https://t.co/zN7Gb3llDM

  9. RT @KMaddify: When a child on Twitch comes into my chat calling me gay because I let someone put makeup on me.

    Short and Sweet :) https://…

  10. RT @TheArchitect013: "Every Journey has a Beginning! Now Prepare! For the End!"

    Full Concept Trailer Next Thursday!

    @HiddenXperia @toa_fr…

  11. RT @CountDankulaTV: Hey @Channel4News why did you deceptively edit the audio recording of the joke I told to make it sound worse?

    You have…

  12. RT @fnewland5: this is my son, dont you dare make fun of him #Borderlands3 https://t.co/698dvaO64u

  13. RT @Rainbow6Game: ⚡️ 50% Bonus Renown
    ⏱️ 24 hours
    🎮🖱️ All platforms

    After the matchmaking degradation last Tuesday, there will be a 24-hou…

  14. The horrors. https://t.co/Aax65iyStx

  15. RT @scrowder: College campuses should be a place for honest and open debate, but when I try to open up discussion of controversial subjects…

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