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  1. Our biggest fans this week: @cyniChrisC. Thank you! via

  2. Anyone keen to hold hands and lay on the floor listening to Belle and Sebastian? Big mood 💞

  3. @GriizzIy Nah but I'm like flagging you all off somehow hahaha

  4. Smash down a coffee and get out of the door! 🥰

  5. Morning!!! Happy Friday 💜 let's make it a good en and stay posi right through til Sunday night when we can all coll…

  6. Somebody's Heine is crowdin my icebox, somebody's cold one is giving me chills 💜

  7. @lucyx182_ Hehe!! Thank you 🥰♥️

  8. I'm so surprised you wanna dance with me now, I was just getting used to living life without you around

  9. @davej29181 Hahaha 🥰

  10. @davej29181 Haha I booked it off, I don't think my employer would be down for supporting a week of me not working f…

  11. Only one day left now on my work placement 😭

  12. Stomping on your fingers as you're clinging on to the abyss 😘

  13. If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks, then I'll follow you into the dark 💞

  14. 🎶 I wish that you were here with me to pass the dull weekend
    I know it wouldn't come to love, my heroine pretend 💜

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