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  1. Going live on Twitch in 5mins! 😁 playing some Zelda or Sonic Adventure!! Come pop in and say hello πŸ’–https://t.co/sE5YGEk3g2

  2. @DirishFella Hahahahaha good song tho

  3. @ecoLOLogist Hahaha oi! You look fab.

  4. @ecoLOLogist I think that is an unfair description!

  5. @ecoLOLogist Thank you!!

  6. RT @kashrinkeewa1: Hello! I am looking for a new place πŸ˜‡ especially keen on moving in to a house with like minded women. I love animals, fo…

  7. Do I really need
    Another habit like you
    I really need
    Do you need me too
    I believe it's gonna leave me blue

  8. @kissmyshades Oooh!!! I've just seen your fringe 😍 I love it!

  9. @BrotherShaunEPB Just stating the facts on that caption haha :')

  10. @OnFirePhilian πŸ˜β˜•

  11. RT @JuiceTooWavie: Do y’all think bugs are born knowing they can walk up walls or do they just accidentally do it one day and go "yoooooooo"

  12. IT'S FAKE MONDAY! πŸ’–.
    I'm going to get myself a little fancy coffee to treat myself for being a top human being and… https://t.co/VpNlK50Dvf

  13. @BrotherShaunEPB Nothing haha

  14. What a BLOODY idiot https://t.co/N7XzML59i2

  15. don't leave me now, you might love me back?

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