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I'm setting up both my profile, community and generally fiddling with Ember and I've found a few things which I'd like to see changed. I'll add and edit as I think of more. 

  • Banner Image Dimensions; I'd really like somewhere I could find the information regarding the image dimensions of the custom areas of the website.
  • Game Selection; For the communities, if I am a single-player based streamer the selection fo games is lacking. Could we instead have a custom box we could type into rather than a drop down selection? 

Hope it helps!

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Please head to Ember Development group 🙂


we are in early alpha, everything you currently see will change, including thar horrid banner dimension haha. Hoping to get version 1 of our UI done this weekend.


the UI you see now is whats called standard invison, messy, cluttered and complex, the Ember UI will be much nicer!

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Seems I've jumped the gun a little then! I love the logo and I've seen a few other attempts at websites like this and I'm excited to get into one at the ground level and hopefully, ride it to the top! I look forward to seeing the new UI. 

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