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  2. @DennisLA1219 @bigcrazyape @Bxkid7 @Alurker02 @LdyLoneWanderer @BionicBlue13 @RADRE0N @Ronin_Of_Gaming…

  3. February 22nd: While walking the dog I see a man sitting on the sidewalk carrying a potato sack and a broom. He co…

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  5. Hi guys! Sorry @professorweird1 is asleep so no Human Fall Flat tonight unfortunately ☹ However these awesome peopl…

  6. When #superseducer2 straight up parodies @ITCrowdSupport iconic first ever scene! who did it better? Denholm Reynho…

  7. Our biggest fans this week: @cyniChrisC. Thank you! via

  8. Anyone keen to hold hands and lay on the floor listening to Belle and Sebastian? Big mood 💞

  9. @GriizzIy Nah but I'm like flagging you all off somehow hahaha

  10. Smash down a coffee and get out of the door! 🥰

  11. Morning!!! Happy Friday 💜 let's make it a good en and stay posi right through til Sunday night when we can all coll…

  12. Somebody's Heine is crowdin my icebox, somebody's cold one is giving me chills 💜

  13. @TheHellzGates Perfect timing 🤩

  14. RT @TheHellzGates: It wasn’t posted anywhere that I’m aware of, but affiliates now have 2 tier 1 emotes.

  15. RT @iretaro: 何年も飽きずにドール可愛いとしか言ってないし周りのドールおじさんもみんなそうだから、気がついたら6年あっという間に経ってた…

  16. RT @JuleeIsRamen: Sorry for disappearing! I couldn't get my switch setup to work so I'm going to play Hollow Knight which was a gift from @…

  17. Since I've been slacking in content, you should definitely give this a look! Always a treat!

  18. Thanks to my good friend @dacestonebeak, I decided to finally snag this lovely game! #NintendoSwitch #indiegame

  19. @dacestonebeak @Woblyware @RatalaikaGames I'm sure it'll be Dagger"good"!!

  20. @youngrik Definitely hand written

  21. it's time to play some #dreamdaddy ! Haha. The best game ever obvs. @dreamdaddygame #indie…

  22. Xeno

    Games Nights

    My big issue is the timeline. I'm mostly available in the evenings in Eastern time. So like 5 hours from UK Time. If so, then Apex Legend or Overwatch or a new game released. If PC, I need to info super advance so I can go to a cafe in NYC
  23. Xeno

    Suggestion Box

    Would a weekly promotion work for the ember network? It has work with the discord channel so figure it'll work here too. Or a pinned message on the Discord server
  24. @grn_id_mnstr I quite like the nautical-themed one!

  25. Our biggest fans this week: @OwnGraphicsHelp, @chef_b4_gaming, @negawoo13. Thank you! via

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