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  2. Navy shenanigans on @darksiderp_ with Cpt Bill Smythe.

    Live Now: https://t.co/UBlNJz6IYJ

    #WeAreHive #teamHuK… https://t.co/xqKR3OlblO

  3. I am now live! https://t.co/uVNt1LdpTJ come and hang out.
    #twitch #TeamHuK #WeAreHive #TheForge

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  5. @bmp89 I love it when you talk dirty https://t.co/i2aagANn40

  6. I'm live now my good people with #ImperatorRome on its launch day! Join me as I figure out how to play this thing.… https://t.co/4QXyQdJrC2

  7. @PdxInteractive @gameimperator Yeah noticed even though I am logged in multiplayer says I'm not. That's fine anyway… https://t.co/btcYF9Zv54

  8. i want to stream but i don´t know what to stream..most games are not possible because my internet is to weak for it… https://t.co/f5HiyCnd8F

  9. @ThatChrisAgain @gameimperator Haha np, they're a real stand out genre of their own. Lots of numbers and text but o… https://t.co/ES5DlAgHZ5

  10. @perculia I remember! I got to meet you in 2017 at the wowhead party and you were working all weekend :(

  11. Im going to start Twitching again in the next few days so keep your eyeballs peeled on my twitter to for when I go… https://t.co/jH5S2M9RU5

  12. RT @AventuraObscura: John Neil Rodger https://t.co/bIIZrX0T7g

  13. and new tier 3 emote :P https://t.co/rzqD03u5vG

  14. @perculia I think I'd rather take a - guaranteed signed voice actors poster or meet and greet spot. Because since 2… https://t.co/fIWpKrllES

  15. @RumTheElf I would rather they took a year off and recentralised as a company and remembered what it is they're doi… https://t.co/rFB1bnx4RS

  16. I just can't feel hyped about Blizzcon this year :? I went in 2016 and it was awesome. Went in 2017 and it felt les… https://t.co/dRy0TpB8uS

  17. @ThatChrisAgain @gameimperator I've purposely avoided it a lot to have a really fresh dive in but it's set in an er… https://t.co/snLyJYXeC0

  18. You know what I think I prefer drachma as the currency. I need to think on what the Ziflockian currency should be called.

  19. @PdxInteractive @kickstarter Wow that will be awesome.

  20. My good people, the promised day has arrived! @gameimperator is out tonight and you can bet your Ziflockian ducats… https://t.co/1m6TzV7q2A

  21. RT @TheAngryToads: I want to take a second and thank all of our Patreon supporters! It is because of you that we are able to continue to do…

  22. @KaMo_LegendZ Wanna

  23. @KaMo_LegendZ But still dont spoil it for me man I wanan take my lass to see it

  24. @KaMo_LegendZ I'll straight up block you

  25. @Revolt_Queen @Revolt_Frosty @Revolt_Syn @Revolt_Astrix @5FTFrodo86 All revolt welcomed #WeAreRevolt

  26. @iiDxvidd @Veredln1 @Reyyna__ What lmaooo

  27. @WrightyGaming @EarlswoodTwitch So anyone lurking is breaking T&C then tbh if that's the case. And I know you don… https://t.co/8ZycepIJ4b

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