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  2. In 30 minutes i will be back roaming in space in @NoMansSky first solo, then co-op with @professorweird1 and…

  3. @StoneTerrorLive @TroubleTruck Watch a few videos on YouTube of the game its pretty awesome (has had its low poi…

  4. @StoneTerrorLive @TroubleTruck Sadly xbox only

  5. @StoneTerrorLive thanks for that follow

  6. @StoneTerrorLive @TroubleTruck Hope my answer told you about vigor

  7. @TroubleTruck To conclude vigor is made by bohemia and s a mox of dayz and escape from tarkov

  8. @TroubleTruck and valuable items


    ... your shelter and vital equipment


    ... the courageous Outlander in post-war norway

  9. @TroubleTruck survive in post-war Norway.
    Humanity is in disarra…

  10. @TroubleTruck You start as a nameless outlander,
    but who will you become?
    No time for uncertainty.

    Turn a shelter…

  11. @TroubleTruck Vigor is an Xbox exclusive game ,More about the game
    Vigor is an upcoming free-to-play shoot 'n' lo…

  12. @TroubleTruck Nah all good brother, twitch is one of the biggest platforms so don't wory about it

  13. Absolutely desverves more give this guy a follow get him to 1k

  14. RT @JimmyNoPro: Stream will be live as soon as I'm home and set up! Playing Dark Souls 3 with a Hex build!!

  15. @TroubleTruck Mixer for me buddy hehe . This is my cureent schedule with games changing from here and there . Wont…

  16. I will then do an alpha pack opening on stream the day of the new season pass and will continue this every year…

  17. Hi all! I'm back tonight with more We Happy Few! What a fab stream I had last night. If you wanna join me & our pro…

  18. I said in a previous post about saving all my renown when the new year pass of @Rainbow6Game comes out. Well im o…

  19. @RedGenetix My day so far

  20. RT @atroooix: The Great Pathfinder Escape in @PlayApex. Silky smooth!

  21. @Welshhy @Kiqxrr @UbisoftSupport Im a controller player and enjoy seige

  22. @xstaggerxleex Id eat that

  23. And done all i need to do now is gloss walls, paint raidiator and lay carpet

  24. @Crunchyroll Good Afternoon 😜😜😜😜

  25. @Xeratrickyy Never had it

  26. RT @Ember_GN: Given the success we had with #TheForge's dedicated Apex and Anthem game channels, we're now introducing a set especially for…

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