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This group is to discuss the development of the Ember platform, feel free to provide feedback or suggest ideas you would like to see on Ember!


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  2. Idk if its possible rn, but thread / message boards like this one here on game profiles so the members of said game can talk about it. It would also be cool for multiplayer games if there was a find party option like what xbox has with clubs.
  3. Hello, Hopefully, its me being an idiot, its happened once in the past. Or a feature not yet implemented. When adding a game to favourites, the page seems to accept the "favourite" but then the games screen has no games or favourite confirmation. When looking back into the games section, there are no games favourited. i am using chrome Version 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit) on windows 10.
  4. Doing a test response to the post of test discussion
  5. If you check your inbox you will have received a welcome message with a link in to our discord
  6. Thank you, everyone!!! I hope this site keeps growing . Thank you for all the welcomes!!!!
  7. Welcome to this awesome community build by community members. Also check out the Forge discord for those who are new here
  8. Welcome to the island of lost toys :D
  9. HI there, Welcome to Ember, we are currently in Alpha Development however we welcome people to join as it helps test our features For editing your profile, you can find an instructional here Managing your integrations here If you enjoy blogging and would like to set up a Writers Block, you can do so here and to find out about what is upcoming in the near future, take a look here Hope this helps
  10. I'm new here and I was recommended to join this site. I don't know how to use it or what to do with it, would love some advice and guidance, please.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Forge Branding Pack
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Ember branding pack!
  13. Hey Guys! With our blog channel function, I would appreciate it if this thread was used to both provide feedback and request features you would like to see within the Ember channels platform. Please also bare in mind Ember as a whole is in development, your feedback helps us grow!
  14. Overwatch, Hearthstone and ESO are already on the game list
  15. Overwatch hearthstone Elder Scrolls online
  16. ATLAS And maybe Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  17. - "Writers Block" the ability to create "writers block" blogs on Ember - "Suggest Game" feature added, users can now add games they wish to display via their profile - Various theme and visual optimisations, lazy loading etc - Various security optimisations - Installed "Knoxbear.exe" & "Regal.exe" - Branding redesign - Added "Videos" page under media content tab, this is for video (non streaming) content - Youtube, users are now able to integrate their Youtube channels into ember, display them on their profile and be featured on ember. - Added new flagpack, your location set in your "about" will now display as a flag next to your profile picture, and yes..."Mars" is an available location to select - Improvements to status updates/posting, twitter post will now show media, ability to share each others posts. - Told Tom to shut up --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Previous - Alpha 1.3) - UI "Bauhaus" overhaul. - Implemented various theme updates, optimisations and security upgrades - Various mobile compatibility optimisations (temporary, IOS and Android app development will begin in BETA) - Optimised search features - Updated unregistered homepage, fancy pants animations! - Added "What is Ember" page! - Increased "Favourite Games" on about section from 1 to 5 titles available - Added Affiliate/Sponsers to footer - Added "Media" section to navbar, access stream directory and blog channel directory here - Told Tom to shut up. - Streaming page added, including featured streamer section - "Channels" Host your own blog channel on Ember! or integrate your existing Blog into your ember profile via RSS - Channel (blogs) page added, including featured channel section --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Previous - Alpha 1.2) - New Feature! Ember Live status! (Displays your "now playing) Please see #ember-getting-started to enable this feature, tutorial to be posted. (requires you to join Embers official discord, to use) https://discord.gg/hCyk8V6 - Implemented various security updates. - Implemented various theme updates & optimisations. - Applied cover photo fixes, recommended cover photo size now 1300px x 300px - Fixed game data issue where after opening a game it would return you to page 1. - Content page added to profiles, here you can access all your previous post and responses. - Fixed auto welcome message. - Increased amount of favourite games you can add to your profile from 20 to 50. - Told Tom to shut up. - Fixed display issues for game data. - Users will now automatically be added to the "Ember Development" community.
  18. Euro Truck Simulator 2 American Truck Simulator
  19. Cry of Fear Guns of Glory Moss Wizard101 I’ll stop before I add a bunch no one plays/has heard of
  20. Mass Effect 1/2/3 Dragon Age Origins/2/Inquisition Dishonored 1/2 Elder Scrolls Oblivion/Skyrim Fallout 4 The Assassin’s Creed games. Dark souls 1/2/3 Halo CE/2/3/4/Reach State of Decay 1 Titanfall 1/2 Massive Chalice XCOM 1 Superhot Tomb raider DE/Rise/Shadow Civilisation V Probably more but I'm gonna stop
  21. Hello everyone, First of all thank you for support the development of Ember, this task gets bigger by the day! haha. so as you may have noticed we are gradually adding game data to Ember. This game data will be used in various ways, you can add your favourite games to your profile, you can go onto the games page to find out info about the game, you can also find other people who play the game, we will be adding communities who play this game in future, once we have redesigned the whole community layout and features....(coming soon) we currently have a list of 500 + games, manually adding all the data, and slowly updating the artwork for each one individually. are there any games you would like adding? drop them below! Cheers!
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