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Club for the followers and members of twitch.tv/hoolegr community. Get in here Hoolegans


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    Calling all Hoolegans, Come test your metal & have a chance to win a FULL copy of Earthbound Games' newest title "Axiom Soccer" Tournament sign up over at https://discord.gg/4sacthS (The Forge Discord) Don't miss the first of our Tournaments
  3. Hellooooo everyone! My name is Katie and I am Star Wars nut, gaming fanatic, super hero crazy and just near enough everything geeky/nerdy you can think of I am into!
  4. Hey guys Just thought I'd create somewhere all you Hoolegans can get to know each other and feel free to create your own discussions in the community. My name is Hoolegr and I'll be your guide through this special section of the internet and will unreliably create content to share with you all. Mostly though, I'll be in the background helping things run smoothly. So come say hi
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