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Ember Alpha 1.3 - "Bauhaus"

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In this update, the devs have worked incredibly hard to create a both functional and stunning experience. A lot of thought, time and effort went into design - we really hope you enjoy it! Whilst it is still early days for Ember's development, we hope the Bauhaus update gives you a glimpse of the direction we are heading in!

(Disclaimer - 1.3 Bauhaus is a significant overhaul update and there are likely plenty of bugs present, please report them here)


Below are the patch notes for this update:

- UI "Bauhaus" overhaul.

- Implemented various theme updates, optimisations and security upgrades - Various mobile compatibility optimisations (temporary, IOS and Android app development will begin in BETA) - Optimised search features

- Updated unregistered homepage, fancy pants animations! - Added "What is Ember" page! - Increased "Favourite Games" on profile about tab from 1 to 5 titles available - Added Affiliate/Sponsers to footer

- Told Tom to shut up.

- Streaming page added, including featured streamer section

- "Channels" Host your own blog channel on Ember! or integrate your existing Blog into your ember profile via RSS - Channel (blogs) page added, including featured channel section

- Added "Media" section to navbar, access stream directory and blog channel directory here


What are Ember Channels?                  


Ember Channels are our new blogging platform, where members can host and write their own blogs on Ember, attached directly to your Ember profile! These features are currently in an early phase but rest assured - we are always looking for new features to add, and for that we need YOUR suggestions and feedback! If you do have any thoughts on Channels, please share them here! - https://bit.ly/2TK6dA8


Streams & Channel Directory


We have added two directory pages for both Streams and Channels. Here you will find all of Ember's content creators, starting with our Featured Affiliates! These directories, as with every feature of Ember; are a work in progress and will form part of our larger dashboard update! Watch this space!


What's coming in future?


Our next focus will be to overhaul the Communities function, specifically for content creators such as streamers, cosplayers/artists, Indie studios and community hosts. Beyond that, we will be strengthening our Dashboard, bringing the whole Ember experience into one central hub! There's so much more in the pipeline for Ember - we hope you'll join us for the ride!

Cheers Guys! - M


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