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RS - Thoughts of an Anxious Man - Part III


Another week, another roller coaster ride... 

Let's start with the positive. Last week - my life changed indefinitely for the better. I became an uncle for the first time, to 'an absolute pounder' (his dad's words) of a nephew. I've never been one to get excited about newborns or young children - I've always felt a bit awkward and 'umm - now what' around them, but this time was certainly different. Archie, named long before the Royal Archie came along,  was a bouncing bundle of joy and happiness, so it was hard not to get caught up in the moment. It was also weird seeing my parents, newly crowned as grandparents, interacting with him. My mum's reaction was that of being utterly smitten, as you might expect, but it was my dad's reaction, someone who has always kept his emotions close, that caught me off guard. So many smiles, photos and joy. It was weird to see, but enjoyable nonetheless. 

"One of the most frustrating things about having an anxiety disorder; knowing as you're freaking out that there's no reason to be freaked out, but lacking the ability to shut the emotion down."

From the peak of happiness, came the conversation about christening young Archie, and the crushing realisation that I would likely be involved in some way, shape or form. I'm already a godfather to my cousin. An experience that many would accept with pleasure. Don't get me wrong, I'm honoured to have that role, but standing up in front of 50-60 of my close family and relatives was nothing short of a nightmare. Being centre of attention as I recited my lines, was an experience that continues to haunt me - even when I know there's no reason whatsoever to be feeling that way. So much so that the last christening I went to, even though I wasn't involved, I couldn't physically sit in the ceremony. It's the irrational fear of needing to get up and leave during the ceremony, having all eyes on me, just thinking about it starts my heart racing.


It sounds so self-centred when I write it down. Me, me, me. But that's the difference between the rational and irrational, the 'being there for someone' and 'the fervent need to avoid a situation.' On one hand, I would love to become a godfather again, but on the other I just don't know if I can go through that situation again without utterly embarrassing myself.

“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

This week also brought another first - I've started a round of talking therapy with my new, friendly, neighbourhood Spiderman therapist, Jim. Starting anew has its ups and downs, but I like to think of it as a new opportunity to make some ground, and get that little bit closer to 'levelling out.' After a lengthy discussion sharing my history, triggers, worries and previous diagnoses, Jim was very quick to relate. It really is a breath of fresh air hearing someone on the other side say that they know exactly what you have been through. He pointed out that I , like himself, may have generalised anxiety disorder. We went through the symptoms for it. Panic attacks. Check. Phobias. Check. Social anxiety. Check. Huh - hello there!

I had what I can only describe as a wave of relief at that point. It felt as if we had finally pinpointed my problem, and from there, there was hope that we could begin to try a few different techniques that had worked for Jim in the past. The next session should be fun, as we start to try rewind therapy. Who knows. Maybe we'll make some progress. The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, and I'm finally feeling optimistic about regaining some element of control...

RS Meets - OBBICH - 20/05/2019


Well hello OBBICH! Tell us a bit about you!

Hey there! I'm Rob and my life seems to revolve around gaming both at home and at work; I'm the Store Manager of GAME in Shrewsbury and if I'm not already playing games in my spare time I'll be streaming them while walking on my treadmill.


That's an awesome idea! So who/what inspired you to stream? Why on a treadmill?

I never really wanted to be a streamer. Even though, just like everyone else,  gaming is in my blood and a lot of close friends were pushing me to give it a shot. It was actually SpecialEffect that inspired me to do streaming with my first 24-hour gaming marathon. GAME really gets behind SpecialEffect in February for GameBlast and I read on their website that a lot of people do gaming marathons to help raise money for the charity. This was my first ever stream let alone gaming marathon, I remember feeling quite anxious and not wanting to let anyone down for not finishing the challenge or end up on camera falling asleep! I was proud to finish my first stream and raise £870. That was it for an entire year until the next GameBlast where I did a joint 24-hour marathon with my wife which lead me to doing something big for my third year fundraising for Special Effect: I decided to walk a marathon while gaming. I finally decided to take this online and started regularly streaming from the beginning of this year and train for the big day in February and since then I've been streaming at least three nights a week.





An amazing effort. A lot of new streamers (myself included) struggle on their first live stream, but you do a 24 hour stream AND raise a huge amount of money!  How did you network the event and gain viewers on your first outing?

Looking back I don’t think I really put myself out there too much. I used the usual social channels; Facebook and Twitter just during the week’s run up to the charity stream. In terms of viewership I was really lucky, starting at midnight I picked up a lot of people from the word go but they weren’t necessarily donating. Another problem I had/have is that streaming through a PS4 has a lot of drawbacks, if you change the game the stream ends which wasn’t ideal but I did manage to reach out too a lot more people that way. At the end of the day it really was all down to my close friends, family and people who I’d met through working for GAME be it colleagues or customers.


Was there anything you wish you'd known/done prior to that stream?

Hmm... I think with the limitations of the PS4 streaming (no overlays, alerts to name a few) I would of preferred too have streamed through a PC. I should have done my research and watched a few Twitch streamers to get a better idea on how to interact and keep conversations following even when no one was potentially in the chat room.


How far through your current marathon are you? How far on average do you walk each stream?

I completed the marathon on the same day! I started from 9am and finished just before 6PM. I walked well over the 42.195KM to qualify it as a marathon playing Fortnite for the entire time raising £1,137.

I usually aim for 10KM minimum, that way I usually get well over an hour or two on stream and the treadmill.


A phenomenal amount raised - congratulations! What about Gameblast - can anyone get involved? 

Absolutely anyone can do GameBlast! It takes place every February and it’s the largest UK annual charity gaming marathon weekend. You can do a gaming event or your very own marathon whatever takes your fancy, it’s all about raising money for Special Effect and having a good time while doing it! If anyone’s interesting I’ll share the link so that can get involved next year: https://www.gameblast19.org.uk/



Rob fundraising for SpecialEffect


So what's the story behind OBBICH?

I wouldn't like to say it's a brand, I go OBBICH online and label my streams under Fitness X Gaming just so people can differentiate between a regular stream and myself on the treadmill.


What about your goals? What would you like to achieve, either IRL or online?

I'm hoping to lose weight! In my mid thirties now and wanted to get a bit healthier, I've gone vegetarian and needed to getting physically fitter too, this was the perfect answer to that. I'd love to meet more people through my streams, I love the idea of having a community of regulars popping in as I see so many times in other peoples stream. Anything else would be a bonus, one step at a time.


How do you spend your downtime?

If it's not more gaming then I'll be enjoying movies. I absolutely love going to the cinema and try to go as often as I can.


Rapid fire questions! First thing that comes to mind is your answer! What's your favourite all-time movie?

Shaun of the Dead


TV Show?

The X-Files





Final Fantasy VII



Graphic novels count, right? Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness



Mexican! Amazing flavours and spice, plus plenty of cheese!


Was Thanos wrong to do what he did?

Mate. I get that what he thought he was doing was right but ultimately I still think no one person can make that decision and ultimately is wrong on many levels.


Promo time - where can we find OBBICH?

Twitch.tv/obbich for all your streaming needs

@NobbyWalker (Twitter)

@OBBICH (Instagram)

If you'd like to get involved with 'RS-Meets,' please drop me a DM and complete the questionnaire here!

RS - Thoughts of an Anxious Man - Part II


" Anxiety is knowing however much you plan ahead, you still expect the worst to happen."

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word 'anxiety?'

Attacks? Stress? Sweaty palms? Nervousness? For me, its the meticulous planning that comes with living a life around social anxiety. Lets say I need to go to the supermarket for a weekly shop. Before even stepping out of the door, I would need to plan for how I get there, if the shop is going to be busy, queues at the checkouts etc. Planning helps provide a little peace of mind in the lead up to the event, but at the same time increases anxiety - because you are thinking of all the bad things that could happen and trying to account for them. 

Last weekend I went to a local beer festival. I'd been looking forward to it for AGES - as many of you will know, beer is my one true love. As excited as I was, I just could not shake this feeling of anxiousness. I spent most of the week before planning, looking at the itinerary trying to figure out the exits. The rational part of me constantly berating the irrational side with the same question - "why?" It was only a 20 minute drive from home, and yet I was anxious about driving with my (long-suffering) girlfriend in the car with me.  Everything just seemed to pile up.

We got there, parked up and went into the site but, try as I may, I just couldn't let go. There's two things I really struggle with: too many people, and queues. The festival was packed, and it was a 5-7 minute queue for a drink.

Inside, I was screaming.

IMG_20190511_160142.thumb.jpg.66701f8a106a3c01f8e458f19a67a0ce.jpg          IMG_20190511_160155.thumb.jpg.2516832415cd5a12d00a45fb17aa7b2e.jpg

The 'Wild Beer Co' Beer Festival 

"It feels like your brain got switched from 40 mph to 140 mph and your body can’t keep up. You can’t breathe or think or run away."

It's hard to describe the physical and mental rush of symptoms when you trigger. Something seemingly insignificant can cause you to go from fine to a quivering wreck in a matter of seconds. When it hits, it's as if you are frozen to the spot, trapped in an invisible prison with your mind the only guard. You tell yourself over and over "I'm ok. It's fine," but the symptoms do not relent. For me, it's at this point I have to physically get up and move out of the situation - be it at a doctors appointment, out for a meal with friends, or at a beer festival.

Luckily for me, my partner is super understanding. She knows when I'm fighting and will often make the decision to move, simply so that I don't have to feel guilty about making it myself. Needless to say, I'm a little disappointed I wasn't able to see this one through, especially after looking forward to it as much as I did.

The thing with anxiety is that it has its highs and its lows.  Your emotional state may peak for a while, and the symptoms will be rough, but eventually it will level out and the anxiety begin to decrease. Your body simply cannot keep it up for too long - it's exhausting. Exposure therapy revolves around this, each time you stay in the triggering situation that little bit longer, waiting for your body to tire and the anxiousness to decrease.


This time around, I let it beat me. But I didn't go home and wallow in self-pity. I took myself straight back out into another triggering situation because I wanted to take something positive away from the day. Keep pushing yourself and you'll get there. One day at a time.


RS Meets - ShinobiNando - 12/05/2019


Today we meet Forge regular ShinobiNando and talk unboxing games, being a Youtube creator and cosplay!

Hey ShinobiNando! How's it going? Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Fernando but most people would know me as ShinobiNando, Shino or Nando. I am a Canadian living in the UK, and started content creation about 2 years ago! I started on YouTube where I unbox many of the Collector's Editions I'm addicted to buying and then started streaming 6 months after that!


Check out that Resident Evil 2 loot!

Shino it is! So, as I understand it - you're a cross between a Youtube content creator and a streamer?

I'm actually a horrible streamer when it comes to knowing the who's who of Twitch! I only found out about Dr. DisRespect and Ninja AFTER I started streaming myself! I never really watched or enjoyed streams before I started to do it. A few friends suggested doing it because I was such an achievement collector. Luckily, I'm a chatter box, I auditioned to stream for Xbox UK's stream team GameMasters and I got a slot! Our local Microsoft rep gave me the good news (I knew him from working at GAME!) It was a joint project between the 2 - The rest as they say is history!

Which do you prefer doing? How come you chose to stream on Twitch, after starting out on Youtube - which also has a streaming platform?

While streaming is easier than creating videos, I prefer doing content for YouTube. It's amazing what you can do from a home editing software and I like the fact that the videos are there so your audience doesn't really miss out!

I did in fact stream on YouTube for a year before going to Twitch. The main reason was it can really clog your channel. Where I did edited videos as well as streaming, it made the channel look really messy and hurt it overall.

Did you have any role models on either platform to draw inspiration from?

None for streaming strangely enough, I don't know or watch any partners or big affiliates. For YouTube oh yes plenty. An obvious one with the skits and effects is 'Angry Joe,' it's partially where the inspiration came from! 'Boogie' is a big inspiration especially as an overweight and older creator. Also 'Jim Sterling' and 'Jeremy Jahns' for reviews.


If you had to choose only one medium to create content for, would stream or make videos?

As much as a I come to really enjoy streaming I'd probably give up twitch first. Out of the two, YouTube has been the bigger platform, I'm currently at 1000 subs and over 205000 lifetime views. It would be, IMO, much harder to start over on YouTube.  Also a LOT of effort and time went into my videos, where for me at least, twitch is something I chill out to do, hit live, post a link and talk to some cool people!


Venturing into Reaction and Breakdown trailers

From what I hear on the grapevine - you also like to do Cosplay?

I always fancied cosplay. When I was younger and in shape I was too nervous to do it as I didn't have many friends that were as geeky as me. Now my weight holds me back, I'm annoyingly one of those that doesn't feel like I shouldn't cosplay a character I don't look like. I loved doing Nathan Drake, Mario and am looking to do more in the future.


I would love to see a classic Dr Mario! ShinobiNando is a pretty unique brand name - how did you come up with it?

Well I always play the stealthy rogue characters. If I can sneak around, back stab or avoid direct conflict that's the character or play-style I'll go for. What's more stealthy than a ninja? NinjaNando sounded too on the nose so I choose ShinobiNando. Plus it was a throwback to an MMO character from City Of Heroes.


What about goals? What do you hope to achieve with the brand? 

I would love to get big enough to showcase more on my channel or get invited to events! I have worked behind the scenes when I use to do events at GAME and I liked the idea of showing a personal or another perceptive on them. MCM London was fun to vlog behind the scenes!

While I'm not looking for fame or fortune, to turn this into at least a part time job would be amazing. Again more for the opportunities. If I can help my fellow Collectors avoid or find editions or collectables they would miss then I feel I have done my job. Same with my reviews. The best comments are the ones where people say they watched a movie for the first time in the cinema in ages, or bought/played a game they might have skipped and thank me for it as they really enjoyed it!


Mmmm.... collectables....


Yeah I imagine that is a pretty awesome feeling! So how do you relax at the end of the day?

I was a on and off martial artist for years, which probably also influenced the name. I practised Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Ninjutsu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and even dabbled in Capoeria! I got injured a few years ago and now have a chronic infection that fatigues me, so unfortunately I've had to put it on hold. 

I really enjoy movies and the cinema experience! Especially super hero movies or horror films. I'm really looking forward to Burn Bright as it combines the two.


It’s a classic desert island scenario - you can take only three items. What do you take? 

Oh god... I dunno! Everything I enjoy uses electricity...

Umm a sword... A lot of rope ... And a bow with arrows? 

A...a sword??

Why not! Lots you can do with a sword! Ya never know when one might need a sword....


Ok! Rapid fire time. What's your all time favourite movie?

My mind is a blank!


TV Show?

I dunno....






Haven't read one in years!



Changes everyday?


Haha great answers! Are you part of any teams/networks that you'd like to give a shout-out to?

Not really, I float between a few including Forge! I use each Discord differently. Ember and the Forge, I find are great places to ask for creator help and opinions, or vent frustrations that only fellow streamers/YouTubers would understand!

Promo time - where can our readers find ShinobiNando online?

@ShinobiNando on Instagram and Twitter!

RS - Thoughts of an Anxious Man - Part I


One of the hardest things I've found as an anxiety-sufferer is how best to explain it to non-sufferers. Those people that manage to get by in life without, seemingly, a care in the world. What do you say to someone, whose first response is often 'Oh it'll be fine,' or 'You've got nothing to worry about?'

So how about this:


"Anxiety is having a wonderful day ahead of you but not enjoying it because you’re thinking about that 2 minute phone call you’ll have to make in five days." 

Imagine one day, you wake up to find a fat, succulent, bacon sandwich waiting for you on the breakfast table. It's Spring, the sun is shining and that film you've been waiting a year to see is released. Except you can't enjoy it. You want to, but you can't. Why? Because there's a little demon called Anxiety, sat on your shoulder, reminding you of that innocent, little situation coming up that you've been dreading. 

You're sat there, with a plate of bacon in front of you, its aroma wafting through the air - and all you can think of is that thing you have at the end of the week. It's beyond nerves. Your mind becomes convinced something terrible is going to happen there, something completely and utterly out of your control. 

On one hand sits the rational part of your mind. Deep down, this side of you knows nothing is going to happen. It knows life will go on as normal. But on the other hand sits the irrational part of your subconscious - that ancient part of you that still cares only for one thing - your safekeeping. It's a pure, animalistic, flight-or-fight reaction, under inappropriate circumstances. A spiral kicks in - the more you think about this particular trigger, the worse you imagine the outcome to be, the more you worry about it and so on, and so on. 

Sound familiar...?



"Anxiety is always knowing where the exits are."

Different people have different triggers. For me, it's certain social situations and interactions where it might be awkward for me to get out of. These are typically one-on-one situations, such as a trip to the doctor, dentist or barber, where I would feel awkward or embarrassed to leave. Yep, my anxiety stems from being too damn polite. It's because I think I would be wasting those people's time if I needed to get up and get out. It's the same when driving in a car with others - and to this day I would rather incur a petrol cost and drive myself to an event, than to car pool with friends. I hate it. 

That said, I'm learning how better to deal with it. I'd spent years in conflict with my anxiety, often seeing it as something I wanted to expel permanently - but one of the biggest turning points was the realisation that, in order to move forward, I had to accept that my anxiety was driven by a subconscious desire to keep my body and being safe. 

My mind was simply looking out for me, and that I really should be thankful for it. I've gone from being in an internal struggle to a coalition of sorts. Now we're working together and I finally feel like I have some element of control back.


RS Meets - Bravster - 30/04/2019


Back with a bang after a short Easter break; today we're meeting @bravster , international man of mystery and voice-over artist extraordinaire! I've known Brav for some time now, since the early days of BNN, and have been looking forward to getting this one on paper for some time - enjoy!

Bravster! Welcome! Let's start with a bit about you.

Well, I'm Bravster or Steve whichever takes your fancy and I'm a voice actor.


A voice actor eh? That sounds fun! How did you get into doing that? What do you enjoy most about doing it?

I was inspired after the late 80s and 90s cartoons with the array of odd and differing characters that were created at the time. Things like Johnny Bravo, Dexters Lab and lots of early Anime. Not to forget my first love - gaming, Voice acting in gaming, I could talk for hours on the subject! I love really getting to grips with a character whenever I'm asked to work on a project.

I love that I'm able to be free and have fun with what I'm doing, be it a larger production or something relatively small scale. Voice acting allows me to be as imagineative as possible and really embody the characters and worlds they inhabit, from castle ruins and dank dungeons to cyber punk neo fantasy - it's all appealling and great fun to me!

I love really getting to grips with a character whenever I'm asked to work on a project.

How do you go about doing that? 

It depends on the character. Most of them I will try and get into the headspace of the character and think about how I'm similar, or even how I'm different to that person in particular, usually this helps as it gives me something real to draw from. Most important to me is to really feel like "I am this character." For example, if I'm playing a sneaky goblin, I will hunch myself to his height and contort where I need to. If he has a bad leg, I'll give myself a limp - really try to embody every aspect of that character.

As for the emotional state, I think about what I'm most scared of and what my biggest dream is, be it riches or any other motivation. There has to be an element of belief and honest to every character or it simply does not work.



Bravster - aka Chatfield Voice


If you could take part in any gaming series as a character, which would it be? Do you have a favourite character?

There are two series I would LOVE to be a part of:

1. Final Fantasy. I would love to be in a Final Fantasy game, there's just something about the worlds Squareenix create that speak to me, and they were one of the first series I really fell in love with. Even as a child I would give the characters voices as I read the text on screen.

2. Warcraft. Blizzard set the standard for voice acting in their cinematics and I was privileged enough to spend some time with Senior Casting Director, Andrea Toyias, who brought ou the best damn 50 year Wizard I've ever done! As a fantasy fan, I love the idea of being an orc or a dragon and Warcraft really speaks to my love of all things Tolkien.

Choosing a favourite character in gaming is a lot harder, as there are so many good ones! I think I have to go with Clementine, from Telltale's 'The Walking Dead.' Melissa Hutchison's performance was outstanding and Clem is just such an amazingly well rounded character.


What about voice acting role models? 

I have a few. Matthew Mercer is a god in the field, his range and clarity is something that I quite happily aspire to! Chris Sabat, who voices both Vegeta from Dragon Ball and All Might from My Hero Academia, is another very strong contender. 

And of course who could forget Andy Serkis, up there in my books for his works on Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes and King Kong. Melissa Hutchison for the reasons previously mentioned. There are plenty of others but honestly I see them all as valued colleagues and masters in the acting field.


Cool! So let's talk about your brand. How did you come up with it?

Chatfield Voice - I always hated my last name but I guess its finally good for something that's vocal related. Kinda has a nice to ring to it. 
And the Brand is me, full details on this are available on my website www.chatfieldvoice.com.




Check out the Chatfield Voice website here


What about goals? What would you like to achieve as a voice actor?

My goal is to be able to live as a voice actor as my main job, not having to dip between multiple employment. I'll get there but it'll take time and I'm rarely a patient person.


What kind of jobs would you see yourself doing in order to live that dream? 

That's a very long and complex question!! Ideally I'd love that one break away job and be noticed right away, much like anyone else in the industry. Realistically I need to continue to hone my craft and put myself out there more and more. 

I can see myself doing other voice over jobs - I already have some corporate clients but ideally I would love to have a list longer than both my arms, of both gaming and animation voice overs. For me, character voicing is where I'm strongest and have the most fun. 

I do also have a project I'm working on with a fellow Scottish actor, although I'm not quite ready to share that just yet!

Ooh. Love a secret project! How does the Bravster wind down after a long day of voice acting?

Copious amounts of tea and video games, a good RPG or a rogue like usually gets me relaxed. I quite like green tea, but ideally just a standard English Breakfast tea with a splash of milk is fine! Simple, although milk is not great for the voice! Boo!

Fair one! Ok - It’s a classic desert island scenario - you can take only three items. What do you take?

A plastic sheet, some rope and a blade of some sort, I'm a survivalist at heart!

Brav Grylls. It has a ring to it! Rapid fire time - don’t think just answer! What is your all time movie:



TV Show?

Red Dwarf!


Excellent taste, Mr Lister sir! Favourite game?

Final Fantasy VII


Favourite book?

Lord of the Rings


Favourite food?

Curry. As an ex-chef I love every kind, as long as it's not overly hot and kills the taste buds! But I am very partial to a Kashmiri, Korma or Jalfrezi!


Are you part of any teams or networks you'd like to give a shout out to?

One in particular springs to mind, but I've actually got an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) on it currently! Oops! 


Promo time - where can we find you online?

My website - https://www.chatfieldvoice.com , or via my Twitter - @Bravster_

Thanks for your time matey!


If you'd like to take part in 'RS-Meets,' please send me a direct message through Ember or Discord! Hopefully speak soon!

RS Meets - Rabenkatze - 17/04/19


Hey Rabenkatze! Welcome to RS-Meets - tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello! My name is Ulrike Katalin Zsikin aka RabenKatze, a German-Hungarian female who lives in Germany with her very noisy but fluffy cat, Lily. I´m also a self-taught artist  and love to create art through different mediums - especially when making art for others - I love putting smiles on their faces!



Say hi to Rabenkatze!

Different mediums eh? That sounds...complex?!

Well, different art mediums like digital art, traditional pencil, paint illustrations etc, but I also like to work with craft mediums and other stuff to show my creative mind. Most members of my family are also very creative people so you could say I grew up in a creative environment. My older sister worked with the Bauhaus and has done many outdoor projects. My half-brother is a hobby illustrator and some of my cousins and uncles love photography. My mother likes to sew and craft and I could go on and on. It felt natural! As long as I can hold a pen, I can draw and create.

Wow. A family of artists - that's definitely a nurturing environment! And you stream as well? 

Yes! I started streaming to share my art with a new audience, as well as to practice my English conversation and above all, to meet new people! One day, I just woke up and wanted to give it a go. So far so good!! I think my English is quite good, but I never really get a chance to speak it in over here. Streams are definitely helping and I'm getting lots of positive feedback ^^ It's a big confidence booster! 

So how did Rabenkatze come about? How did you come up with it?

My brand name RabenKatze means Raven Cat. Two of my favourite animals - ravens and cats! But in my name, I like to think the Raven stands more for the colour black so its a black cat. In Germany, we have a saying - "Rabenschwarz" (Ravenblack) to describe something very dark, like the feathers of a Raven. So I combined it. Nothing more really to say about it ^^

Nice! Rabenschwarz, I'll have to remember that! What about your goals for Rabenkatze? What would you like to achieve?

I would be really happy if I could get my art out to even more people, and develop more support for my art and myself. My next goal is to open up a Online Shop with my own Designs, but that needs time and I will have to work hard to get there!


Some of Rabenkatze's custom designs for @Sakuru93


Aside from content creation - what do you do for fun? How does Rabenkatze wind down at the end of a busy day?

Sometimes I like to play video games like World of Warcraft, Stardew Valley, Pokemon, My Time at Portia etc. Other times, you will find me watching other Twitch streamers, scrolling through Youtube videos, Netflix or just reading something in the bath! Next month I will be going to Düsseldorf to join in their annual 'Japan Day' celebrations with an old friend! There's a big Japanese community in the city and they celebrate culture exchange - lots of Japanese food, themed shows and a huge firework display! I can't wait!

It’s a classic desert island scenario - you can take only three items. What do you take?

Sketchbook. Pencil. Water.


Rapid fire time! Don't think, just answer! What is your all time favourite movie?

10 Things I Hate About You


TV Show?

Sailor Moon!



The Legend of Zelda



Watership Down



Any kind of soup! 


Are you part of any teams/networks you'd like to give a shout out to?

I´m a happy member of the Ember Gaming Network and the Hive. But I'd like to promote my current art project. I recently started up with some friends on DeviantArt called "Color4Everyone". Its about spreading creative freedom amongst young artists and fighting against "Cringe Culture" in the art community.

I'd also like to share this amazing podcast some friends of mine run:


Promo time - if you have an online presence, where can you be found??

Here is my Link-tree link to all my social medias/ Websites: https://linktr.ee/rabenkatzeartstudio. You can also reach me here : 



Works for @DeadHeadDraven

RS Meets - GeekforgamingDK - 14/04/2019


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Well I'm @geekforgamingdk, I'm 42 yrs old and father to a beautiful 15 year old girl. Going to get married to my long term girlfriend some day, we hope. I like to think of myself as a gamer extraordinare. You get gaming, streaming, fun...but, with years of hard-earned experience! I also hope to get out with that personal experience to teach others that there´s more to life than just what they see.

You're a streamer? Who/What inspired you to start doing it? What do you enjoy most about doing it?

Lady [my fiancée] did actually. I love gaming and she had just found out about streaming, and watched it virtually 24/7...so she encouraged me to try it! I enjoy talking and having fun with others - especially with the chance to make people laugh and smile! That, and the fact you get to meet so many new people!



What's the story behind your brand? How did you come up with it?

I have always been called a geek/nerd and what ever. In the last few years, I've started taking it to heart and decided to incorporate that into my gaming and branding. I love games in all shapes and sizes. Oh. And I'm Danish!


What are your goals? What would you like to achieve?

My goal? Well I've already hit my first goal. Being a part of a streamer/gamer community. I LOVE to make people laugh and smile. So given the chance to entertain - on a bigger stage. As in seeing 50+ on my stream having a good time...just once. That would mean the world to me. IRL - I have two things I would love to do:
1) Go to a convention. Comic-con, Twitch-con; it doesn't matter which - I just want to meet like minded people and have fun!
2) To watch Tottenham Hotspur play live!


Aside from Content Creation - what do you do for fun? How do you wind down?

I cook and bake. I LOVE standing in the kitchen. Just having fun trying out new stuff with some good music in the background...Best feeling for me. I love trying out new recipes - whether it´s a pie, cake, dinner or dessert, it does not matter. As long as i know that people will enjoy it.

It’s a classic desert island scenario - you can take only three items. What do you take?

Lighter. Knife. Spotify.


You mentioned earlier that you were part of a Community - would you like to give a shout out?

I'm part of the Forge and TeamBeanie!




Rapid fire time - don’t think just answer! What is your all time favourite movie:

Stand By Me


Favourite TV Show:



Favourite Game:

Cards Against Humanity


Favourite Book:

'My Father's Glory and My Mother's Castle' by Marcel Pagnol


Favourite Food:

Burgers. Denmark style!


Promo time - if you have an online presence, where can you be found?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/geekforgamingdk
Facebook: https://facebook.com/GeekForGamingDK
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/geekforgamingdk
Youtube: https://youtube.com/viksfar [Gonna start up a Geekforgamingdk there also, but haven't got that far yet]



RS Meets - Wochinimen - 19/10/18


So. @wochinimen - tell me a bit about yourself! What do you do? 

My name is Alberto, Italian by birth but have been living in UK since 2011. I own a tabletop gaming shop in Chesterfield. In my spare time I mostly play MMOs, first person shooters, and card games, but my interests are vast & span across multiple genres (except horrors, I don’t like jump scares!) I try to stream every day at least once! 

At what point did you decide that you wanted to open a shop?

I decided that I wanted to open a gaming shop when I was 11. I’m 38 now – so it was a long build up!

What’s the story behind your brand? How did you come up with it?

The name ‘Wochinimen’ comes from my first World of Warcraft character, a Tauren Shaman and it means “I eat you” in chinese (wo = I chi = eat nimen = you). The “chi” part pronounced the same of the “chee” of cheese! This then created the “Wochimonster” which is the mascot of my channel now!



The Wochimonster!



I like it. So how often does the Wochimonster come out to play IRL? Do online and IRL personas clash?

Most of the people watching me are also my customers, so yeah – the two personas do come together quite often. Especially if I am playing ‘Magic the Gathering! 

So you stream? What inspired you to take it up?  

Yes I stream! Mostly as relaxation therapy and to entertain my wife and friends! I started with the inbuilt Facebook go-live for Diablo 3, back in December 2017. People enjoyed it so I decided to invest in a second monitor and opened an account on Twitch. I reached affiliate in March 2018 and have basically streamed every day since then! 

Do you have any advice for people looking to take up streaming? 

If anyone want to make streaming as a full time job, they shouldn’t expect to become the next big thing with the snap of a finger. There is a lot of hard work, networking, media managing and money investment involved. It is a serious thing even if is just “playing video games”, but everything in the long run pays off. Do not try to imitate other streamers, be yourself! 

What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve - IRL or online? 

Growth and a bigger audience are the main goals, Partner status is way out of reach (at the moment) so I settle for goals I can achieve 😄

What’s the thing you enjoy most about what you do - IRL or online?

My IRL is my day to day work in my shop, I love it but the escape in the video game world is what relaxes me!  

What do you do for fun? 

Boardgames and Roleplaying Games in my shop in addition to the video gaming I do at home!

So as a self-confessed board game fanatic and shop owner, you must have seen thousands of different games. But which are your favourites?

- Pandemic Legacy Season 1
- Carcassonne
- Gloomhaven



A wild Wochinimen in his natural habitat....


Rapid fire time - don’t think just answer! What is your all-time favourite: 

- Movie?                Matrix
- TV Show?           Scorpion
- Game?                World of Warcraft
- Book?                 The Lord of the Rings
- Food?                 Fried Chicken

Are you part of any teams/networks you’d like to give a shout out to?

I am part of the admin team at #TheForge - a great place to talk about geek stuff, and meet likeminded geeks! We also have a sizeable The Division 2 clan, so if anyone wants to join in - give me a shout!

What’s next for you?  

A stack of decks of Magic The Gathering I have just built!

Promo time - if you have an online presence, where can you be found?? 

You can find me at https://twitch.tv/wochinimen, and my twitter handle is @wochinimen!

RS Meets - JoeR247 - 12/10/18


In the first of the 'RS-MEETS' series we have @JoeR247. Joe is one of those people who always seems to go out of their way to help someone and, surprise surprise, was the first to reach out and volunteer for this segment!


Part of JoeR247 Empires


Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do?

I am JoeR247 of JoeR247 Empires. I am and have been predominantly a Twitch.tv streamer since December 2017. I also dabble on YouTube with exports of streams, and frequent Clip/Highlight montage videos. I'm a variety streamer, having started out streaming games I loved growing up, and have since branched out into more and more games, indie or Triple A and everything in between.


What’s the story behind your brand? How did you come up with it?

JoeR247 isn’t really a fancy name. I took aspects of my real name and tried to make and Xbox Live account back when the 360 came out. I tried a few combinations but all were taken. Xbox then suggested JoeR247 and I rolled with it. Here we are in 2018 still rocking it. Only now I have a logo, clothing with said logo on, 500 stickers, a Bottle opener engraved with JoeR247 and a website/Twitch/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube channels all branded up to the hilt with my design.

So you're a content creator?
Yes! I stream every other night, UK evening times and afternoons on weekends! Done so ever since December 2017 and I have loved every minute of it. Safe to say it is one of my new passions in life and when not sleeping I am generally working on or thinking of new ideas for the channel. In terms of my streams, I mainly stream video game content. I started with Football Manager and Battlefield 4, games I played at the time. The first ever stream was just Football Manager as a test that my PC could run it. Just the game, no Mic, no Cam, no overlays, no panels or anything. After that, I tried some Battlefield 4, with an old Mic headset I had. I did a stream for an hour, did alright in the game and tried not to be shy (this was all new and weird to me at the time…).

I come to watch the VOD back. I was muted…. The game capture screwed up. You could only see ¼ of the game screen. FML…

Back to the drawing board. I invested some money in the PC, got a basic cam and made some overlays and started a Lets Play of Need For Speed Most Wanted from 2005 and Theme Hospital. Some Classic games from my Childhood. Things started to pick up from there. Before I knew it, it was January, I had 50 odd followers and got the invite email to be a Twitch Affiliate!

Right now, I’ve completed a few Let’s plays of different games, Need for Speed Carbon, Pokémon Soul Silver, Burnout Paradise, Forza Horizon 3, COD Modern Warfare 1, LEGO Star Wars, GTA V, Driver San Francisco, Cities Skylines and Two Point Hospital.


What would you say has been your highlight?

My proudest moment so far, was being involved with SEGA Europe and Two Point Studios on the Launch day stream of Two Point Hospital, and being hosted on the Official SEGA Twitch channel.
I had been in constant communication on Twitter with the official page of Two Point Hospital ever since they revealed the game and kept being involved and interacting with them. Eventually, 2 months before release, they contacted me about going to London to SEGA Europe HQ to play a preview of the game and record an Interview with the developers! I booked some time of work and made arrangements to get to London and back! 

On the day, I turned up, met some real famous content creators (aka 2 million subs on YouTube style famous) and got to play this game I had been secretly wanting ever since 1997 and record footage of it. Eventually, they asked if I wanted to go interview some Developers. Little old JoeR247 vs a proper game dev… recording with just my Mobile phone… The video is on my YouTube if you want to see it, but I wish I had a proper Mic… 😄

Anyway awesome day at SEGA, took my photo with Sonic and then went away. I then got given an early access Key of the game to stream and then go invited to take part in the Launch day stream. Me on at 10pm on the SEGA Twitch channel following a big Twitch partner. 
Doubt I’ll ever do anything like that again in my life. It was amazing. Shout out to SEGA for inviting my 400-500 follower channel to their awesome event.



Getting a host from the Official SEGA account is always a win!


Who or what inspired you to take streaming up? 

I had always been a big fan of YouTube and gaming content online, but never had the confidence or tech or good upload speed to even consider it. Eventually, I moved house to a home which had Fibre broadband and a good upload speed. I had my gaming PC and was falling out of love with Video games. I decided to give it a try and see if I could get back into gaming. It worked.

I had watched channels such NerdCubed, ManyATrueNerd, DoctorBenjyFM, Two Best Friends Play, Funhaus for many years and wanted to see if I could do it too. I gave Twitch ago as I though it was the easiest method. No recording, editing and uploading videos, just straight Live recording.
How hard could it be…

What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve - IRL or online?

I don’t really have goals other than to keep having fun and getting to know and meet more people in the gaming community I can spend a good time with. Obviously getting to a stage where I can do this full time is the dream, but I can’t ever envisage that happening so I just concentrate on making the best most fun content I can make and grow my community.

Do you have any advice for people looking to take up streaming?

Just do it. Research as much as you can and take it one day at a time, one stream at a time. There is a reason they call it “The Grind”, but it can be a fun grind.

Never focus on the numbers and just concentrate on making bonds with viewers and other streamers. Spend 60% of your free time Networking and 40% actually making content.

Obviously, make sure IRL always comes first and try to avoid burnout. If you get negative comments or trolls, ban them and move on. I’d rather have 0 people in my stream than 50/100 trolls.

Concentrate on being entertaining. Imagine you are broadcasting to millions, even if nobody is there. Nobody wants to listen to silence so keep talking, describe what you see, what you are doing, why you are doing what you are doing. Ask questions in hope that someone lurking would answer.

There’s millions of guides and resources out there filled with loads of knowledge, just don’t be shy. Go join a team or community and network until you can network no more!

Streaming aside - what do you do for fun?

I am a nerd/gamer/geek. I do nerd/gamer/geek things. I do TV boxsets, I do film, I go socialise with friends and family. I enjoy visiting game and comic cons. Just your bog standard pop culture enthusiast. I recently also got a posh camera so I’m still trying to work out what all the buttons do from time to time as well – when the weather is nice… in the UK… So not that much really…

It’s a classic desert island scenario - you can take only three items. What do you take?

Phone with unlimited data and Twitch/YouTube apps
Solar powered Power Bank
Big bag of WhamBar sweets

Rapid fire time - don’t think just answer! What is your all time favourite:

- Movie? Shawshank Redemption
- TV Show? Game of Thrones
- Game? Theme Hospital
- Book? The Secret Footballer
- Food? Chinese Takeaway – Chicken Green Peppers and Black Bean Sauce, Salt and Pepper 
  Chips, Egg Fried Rice, Spring Rolls, Prawn Toast and Prawn Crackers. Nom

Are you part of any teams/networks you’d like to give a shout out to?

Urm, I am Co-Founder of WeAreHIVE. We are a community which I started in June/July 2018 with fellow Streamers BekahBear101 and CKiiDD. I have loads of awesome friends in their, streamers, youtubers, musicians, artists, you name it, we probably have it.

Plenty of resources for helping you grow and network and make friends for life! I got to meet up with loads of them at UK Gaming convention EGX 2018 which was amazing to finally do!
So yeah, @WeAreHIVE, on twitter for all the details. I enjoy being part of the Swarm
But I would say that, I’m slightly biased 😛




What’s next for you? 

Just keep on the “Grind” and keep having fun doing my weird hobby on the internet. Keep finding new people to game and talk about gaming and all things pop culture with, and maybe, just maybe, one day get that little Purple tick next to my name in Twitch. 
I can dream right?

Promo time - if you have an online presence, where can you be found??

Time for a Link dump! If you’ve made it this far, well done. If you’re mad enough to want more JoeR247 in your life – I salute you – then click these links

Website – https://www.JoeR247.com
Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/JoeR247
Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/JoeR247
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/JoeR247
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/joer_247


Lots of Love
JoeR247 Empires